Off duty cop kills three illegals trying to rob him

don’t know if this is true or not

offdutycopkillswouldberobbersvia Duane Chamberlain:

Three armed felons crossed the US border and attempted to rob an
off-duty El Paso police officer dressed in civilian clothes while he
stood in front of a bank. Street Justice fast, righteous, & final!

The plan was for two of them to grab his backpack and toss it to an accomplice on a stolen motorcycle. However, the well prepared police officer shot all of them, killing two immediately. The third was shot in
both arms and bled to death before the ambulance arrived.

This is how much the US Taxpayer would have had to pay to prosecute these thugs:
• Arrest and detention for 1 night = $6,000
• Transportation for deportation back to Mexico the next day = $1000
• Air time for Obama to apologize in 30 minute speech = $25,007,000

What it actually cost:
• Four .40 rounds = $1.00
• Taxpayer savings = $25,006,999.00
. Off duty cop with a pistol………..priceless

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  • CAL says:


    • robert says:

      This is not in the USA!

      • Chris says:

        No it’s not. It’s Texas.

      • ProfNickd says:

        It’s clearly in Mexico. Look at the uniform of the cop wearing his helmet, to the left in the photo.

        • IDConstitutionist says:

          That’s a motorcycle cop. Some States are having their cops wear full helmets and some are still wearing helmets like they do in CA.
          I have a program that enlarges pictures. The one small pickup on the right has Texas plates on it.

          • Nic says:

            I’m a professional graphic designer. There is no way you got anything from that plate. The JPEG artifacting is WAY too heavy.

            Sorry. This story just isn’t true. If you’d take three seconds to look around the Internet, you’d find out it took place in Brazil.

          • Howard says:

            There is a forum discussing this article from July 29,2010 on

        • mary barnes says:

          If you would notice the article said the cop was off duty and standing in front of the bank. If this would happen to more of the illegal disease packing robbers, drug dealers sex offenders them maybe the illegal would stay in their home country, They come up here and destroy everything, turn it into a dump like they live in when they are in their home country.

          Beer bottles all over the yard, broken down cars in the yards, loud music, pissing outside, sick remarks to white women and the list goes on. Obama needs to go to Mexico and live with them if he wants them to be around so much. His giving them protection from losing their jobs, from discrimination from so much then let him go to Mexico or back to Africa. He is a jerk, the worst president this country has ever seen or will ever see . impeach that gay illegal American hating Muslim

          • Myk Nelsen says:

            Ms. Barnes,

            I ma’am, must not be a Christian with all that hatred in my heart and spewing out of my mouth. I have had the luck in life to drive and fly around our great country and actually read the news. I guess you have never done so, because you would see how many African-Americans are disease packing robbers, drug dealers and sex offenders, that destroy everything, turn their neighborhood into a dump. (Next paragraph) You see them with beer bottles all over the yard, broken down cars in the yards, loud music, pissing outside, sick remarks to women and the list goes on, it is not “white” women only.

            I little bit about myself, I over 20 years in the US Marines, I have family from Mexico (here legally, do you know the process of getting a Visa to come to the US? You might want to learn about that before you open your mouth about the subject.) I am Gay also, which means I’m morally superior to everyone else in the world. I am the type of person, it seems to me, that sits there on my porch everyday all day without a job collecting welfare and blaming the world for my problems. Why don’t I get up off your butt, and go get a job, yes minimum wage is not much, but I would get more pride off of doing that than sitting on my butt all day drinking my beer, using inhalants like Poppers, using methamphetamine at gay clubs, smoking and crying, because if I do get a job, then I may have my food stamps reduced or taken away and won’t be able to have anonymous sex at adult book stores or interstate rest stops.

            Like you, I am entitled to my opinion and I will share it also. I hope your day goes better than my hate filled life is going.

            • Victor Martin says:

              I am African American, and I don’t have a problem with any race PERIOD. Every race, or sexual orientation, not for me to judge, I’m not perfect or superior or inferior to anyone else. Here in the U.S. has a bad element with in them. The whole race should not be judged for the few.

              • Victor Martin says:

                Forgive my last comment, what I was trying to say again was, I’m African American, I don’t have a problem with any race. And as far as your sexual orientation, not for me to judge, that’s between you and the father above if you believe. A whole race should not be judged like you just did about African Americans based on the few you observed. Every race has a bad element. I work for the Department of Public Safety for the prison system, and I can tell you that we have all races incarcerated their, no one race more than the other. And the offenders are getting younger and younger every generation. So please don’t refer negatively or judge the many by the few. Thank you. (Smile)

          • Barry Pleosi says:

            This is a TRUE story, but hey, it is obvious I am a clueless hate filled ignoramus. I am used to fake news from CNN, MSNBC, or all of the other fake news outlets that disinform me. Who cares about facts? Facts disrupt the narrative. . I have been programmed to a subhuman level, to the point where I would kill for an ideology that has no basis in anything just or Godly. I have become antiChristian who spit in the face of Jesus with my vile and corrupted hate filled mentality. My devious and insidious morally bankrupt comments speak for themselves. – And all of this over a story that is completely TRUE. Shame is mine’s now and for eternity. I will burn in the fires of hell forever!

          • Barry Pelosi says:

            Barry Pelosi actually said “I am gay”

          • Sam says:

            Wow, so completely ignorant and racist, i really feel sorry for you. You say he is a jerk yet belittle multiple races based on you being a bigot and seeing the world as less than you. Turns out in reality you are just as big as filth as the people you are accusing.

          • nicholas says:

            Mary – You’re a filthy-minded useless P.O.S. Do the U.S. a favor and jump off of and swan dive off of a bridge. It’s people like you who give credence to the dumb, self-centered American stereotype. You disgust me.

          • Victor Martin says:

            I could be misjudging your comment. If I am I apologize. But the way you sound is that my lighter brothers and sisters from another mother were here first. Not true. The Native Americans were here first, and you know how your people back then treated them. Africans had explored and did trading in the Americas long before Columbus. His ships navigator was African because our people knew how to navigate by the stars, with great precision, but of course you also know why he got the recognition and not the Africans for discovering America first. (Hmmmmmm)!!!! This did not take place in the U.S. It was in Brazil, and they were common thieves, not illegal aliens from across the border. Which makes your comments and beliefs all the more troublesome. Come out of your ignorant shell, meet and take time to know people from other cultures and beliefs, and you will find we’re not so different. ALL races have their good and bad, and should not be judged as the whole based on the few bad undesirables. The beauty of the human race is in our differences. If you can’t understand this or don’t wan’t to because you were raised by ignorant parents or friends or both, I feel for you, and your race doesn’t belong here either.

        • tommy says:

          why would an el paso cop be in front of a bank in mexico

          • Chris says:

            Congrats on havin a legal family. And Congrats on bein a marine. But I don’t give a fuck if ur a queer. That’s some pretty typical liberal shit to accuse someone of skating the system because they hate illegals and out president. I sir do read the news everyday and honestly if you’re not pissed off at our govt right now, then you’re not really paying Attention. I think we need to deport every last one of those illegal bastards! Oh and btw I am Mexican. My family immigrated 4 generations ago legally. Our president very clearly hates this country. He isn’t being a president, he’s blazing the path for a dictatorship in the very near future. But being only 20. I know you’re still wet behind the ears and clearly don’t know shit about life yet. Oh and in reaponse to your typical liberal response to my statement yes I do have a job. I work harder on a Monday than most people do all month. I do pay all of my own bills. While raising a child on my own with out child support. I do support my country and I’m not a racist because I hate illegals and vow to fight any Muslim to the death if they want to try and force sharia law on me.

            • Furor Teutonicus says:

              XX He said 20 years in the MNarines. NOT that he is 20 (years pld)

              Get a grip and learn to read, wet back.

              • Victor Martin says:

                Furor what ever, you are to scared to use your real name because of that ignorant racist statement you just made. Grow up. And if you are grown, you should be ashamed of the lack of intelligence in your statement!!! If not, WOW!!!

        • Tim says:

          That’s not a cop. It’s some guy in a jacket with a patch on the shoulder.

      • Kevin Fox says:

        You are correct, it is in Brazil and happened several years ago.

      • Hector says:

        This is not even in the United States. Look the way the motorcycle cop is dressed. Quit spreading lies.

      • Rachel says:

        Get with it – we the people have to do what we used to do! Protect ourselves !!!! Read up on the web about it – the history of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The country is be destroyed. Innocent people are suffering. IT is the duty of a nation to keep it’s people, the ones who were born and have ancestors here safe FIRST !!!! Then if they are, they can help others…

      • Cory W says:

        I am gay

      • ZZTX says:

        Robert is right! That is a MEXICAN police officer standing to the left.

      • Jerry Kelley says:

        That is not liberal America that’s the way we do it in Texas. You would be surprised how fast crime would drop in the USA with laws like we have in Texas.

        • Floyd Smith says:

          So you guys in Texas do it like it´s done in Brazil? Learn to use your brains!
          Every mexican is more American than most of you ( at least they came from the continent America)
          It must have been paradise in the USA until you guy came. You where coming from all over the world. You brought the slaves, you killed and robbed the natives, you raided the land! …………………
          And now your talking like you´re the good guys?
          Don´t lie to yourself, you came to steal a land, the immigrants like the USA (like you ancestors) they want to live a better life than at home (like your ancestors) but they don´t want to steal the land from you (unlike your ancestors)
          It´s a shame!!!!! It´s the year 2013 and there is still some dumb racists that don´t know %$§”

    • Schoerke says:

      You would have to be feeble minded not to know this is a FAKE story. #DUH!

    • caniacsteve says:

      hate to see anyone die..but if you can’t do the time..or willing to pay the price..then don’t do the crime !!

    • Rick says:

      Not true. I live in El Paso, and this would have been plastered on every news station out here. This is obviously from somewhere south of the border judging by the uniform of the cycle cop.

    • Cory W says:

      I love black men

  • Linda says:

    See he used both hands, now that is what I call gun control.

  • Fletch says:

    This was in Sao Paulo Brazil, not the United States.

  • peter says:

    2008.. Three armed men tried to rob an San Paolo police officer (he’s in civilian clothes) in front of a bank. The plan was to grasp his back pack and get away on a stolen motorcycle. The well prepared police officer shot all of them, managing to kill two at the scene. The third was shot in both arms. The weapon used was a 40 cal semiautomatic handgun.

  • Kevin Ryan says:

    Looks like it was a shooting in Brazil that was urban legended up.

    Needs to happen here more though.

  • Frank says:

    True but not in the US. It happened in San Paolo Brazil, otherwise all the info is correct.

  • jack aldrich says:

    I found this same story, pics and all from San Paolo, in Italy

    • jack aldrich says:

      Might want to check a little deeper into this story, I’m not even sure the San Paolo story was even true, never the less, not in El Paso

  • Danny says:

    And the world is a much better place now.

  • Pee diddy says:

    That photo is NOT American . Look at the cars, clothes and license plates….South America

  • Andre says:

    Lived in El Paso for a while. Don’t mess with Texas and that goes double for El Paso,

  • The_Truth says:

    Heck ya !! Those douche bags got exactly what was coming to them. That cop should get a HUGE ‘atta boy from the Chief !!

  • warren says:

    Thank God for police officers like this man. An American Hero, God Bless you sir.

    • Barry Pelosi says:

      This is a TRUE story, but hey, it is obvious I am a clueless hate filled ignoramus. I am used to fake news from CNN, MSNBC, or all of the other fake news outlets that disinform me. Who cares about facts? Facts disrupt the narrative. . I have been programmed to a subhuman level, to the point where I would kill for an ideology that has no basis in anything just or Godly. I have become antiChristian who spit in the face of Jesus with my vile and corrupted hate filled mentality. My devious and insidious morally bankrupt comments speak for themselves. – And all of this over a story that is completely TRUE. Shame is mine’s now and for eternity. I will burn in the fires of hell forever!

    • Victor says:

      THIS WAS IN BRAZIL!!!!!! DUH!!!! Do you research people!!!!. The officer still did an excellent job though…..

  • Cindy says:

    Way to go , much respect !

  • Gaetan Demers says:

    I have a series of pictures from this shooting since two years ! ! !

  • Owns a gun says:

    Great story, BUT that picture is not El Paso. Hell it’s not even the United States!

    • aj says:

      Have you ever been the border crossings? This is very much what it looks like.

    • IDConstitutionist says:

      Well then it’s Mexico and a Texan drove his small pickup over the border. The p/u on the right has Texas plates that I can see upon enlarging the photo.

  • Jackie says:

    Glad he is ok, HOWEVER, he could have just shot them all in the legs to stop and bring them down, no need to take a human life over a damn backpack….cops are not the exception to the rule…if they are offduty, maybe they should not be allowed to carry guns if they can’t figure a way to just take them down without killing them.

    • Brendt Wayne Waters says:

      Jackie, real life is not a Stallone movie. Even the most highly-trained marksmen are taught to go for the body first unless it’s obvious the assailant is wearing Kevlar. Even without that bit of reality, though, I find it laughable that you want him to take the time to plan his shots when it’s 3 against 1.

      • Ckav says:

        When you are confronted with armed criminals you do not shoot to wound but to kill. If he had done anything less he would not be alive today.

    • Tired Ol' Sarge says:


      As a retired police sergeant I can tell you that we ARE NOT trained to shoot to wound. It is too difficult to “wing ‘em” as you seem to believe we should be doing. That occurs in movies and TV.We are also NOT trained to kill. We are trained to shoot at center mass until the aggression has been neutralized.

      If I remember correctly, didn’t an off-duty officer take out that guy that shot up the theater a few months back? What about the off duty cop that took out that mall shooter?

      Also be glad that off-duty and honorably retired law enforcement officers carry.firearms. You don’t know we’re out there, but we’ll protect your back nonetheless.

      Your Welcome…

      - Tired Ol’ Sarge

      • Sonny Martin says:

        I salute you Sarge, and would like to also add, that a large number of us Veterans carry as well, because the oath we took was to protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Moral of the story….as long as there are those who are willing to carry, and defend the public, they should not be portrayed as gun wielding nut jobs, but appreciated for the effort.

        • I salute both Old Sarge and Sonny. Disarming all civilians is not the answer to answer to so-called gun violence! As both these men have stated, there are there are times when it is necessary to shoot another person. Disarming all disarming civilians is dangerous because an enemy, foreign or domestic, can domestic, can easily overtake our nation without weapons to stop them. Hitler them. Hitler did this in Germany. He confiscated all the civilians guns and ammo, and ammo, thus rendering the citizenry helpless to stop Hitler’s troops from from overtaking and conquering Germany.

        • Victor Martin says:

          I to carry to protect myself, family, and the general public. If you are a true American you have the obligation to do this also, and not let anyone threaten you right to carry. Including our crooked government, yes all the way up to the very top. This means you Barry Soweto (Barrack Obamas real name) read his book.) He didn’t change his name until he traveled through the middle east. (Hmmmmm!!!) Why do you all think he’s the first president with his birth records sealed???? Keep believing what the idiot box tells you with out researching on your own which is a sign of being lazy. Which opens the door for a dictator styled government which is where we are headed. I am African American, A Desert Storm Veteran (U.S. ARMY), I will always love my country, just not the way those are running it with their own personal agendas which are greed and power!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!! WAKE!!!!! UP!!!!! Keep believing your government has your best interest at heart, and that guns are unnecessary. Research why our fore fathers created the (Right to Bare Arms) Amendment.

      • Victor Martin says:

        I also solute you Sarge, I’m with the Department of Public Safety, Correctional officer for over 13 yrs. now, so you know what we have to deal with also, you tagged them we bagged them. (Smile). I and my wife carry. it’s our duty to our country. Here is not a well known fact that the anti-gun nuts do not want people do not want you to know. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese decided not to try to invade the U.S. right at that time when we were caught of guard that infamous day. Why? Because their intelligence reported on how many guns were owned by the private citizens, and they figure they would suffer great loses with every step they took on American soil.

    • David says:

      You’re an idiot. People like you piss me. It is also people like yourself who make it so cush for criminals like this to do such things. Not saying you provoke it but your compromising never really pans out. What usually happens is this guy gets ripped off and loses 3 months worth of work on a 2,000.00 laptop and these asshole get away with it; or he finds them and spends thousands of dollars in court to get justice so that they can do it again in 3 weeks. Maybe you think it’s not worth a life, I’d agree if people like this’d armed from their mistakes but 9 times out of 10 its just another day in society. If say he just did you and I a favor.

    • DSVet says:

      Jackie, you obviously have no training. When you pull a gun from its holster you keep your hand off the trigger until you are have ascertained the threat. Once you place your hand on the trigger you shoot for center mass. If you don’t, he could have become a victim. I am waiting for Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson to raise a media frenzy for this…come on guys, the opportunity…race, immigration, gun control…all your talking points in one event.

    • David says:

      Sorry but i disagree If your gonna shoot someone shoot to kill.

    • Ckav says:

      When you are confronted with armed criminals you do not shoot to wound but to kill. If he had done anything less he would not be alive today.

    • hioojkljk says:

      Your a dumb fuck.

    • Peter says:

      IF he would have done it YOUR WAY, would YOU ALONE covered ALL of the expenses necessary to get these Ps.O.S. back home to Mexico , or wherever? If not, then DEAL WITH IT. The OFF DUTY cop did and got to eat dinner with his family by doing it THE WAY HE WAS TRAINED. Good job, Officer, and Thanx for keeping our country a LITTLE bit safer.

  • Tim says:

    Why should the man being robbed have to shoot them in the leg? A wounded robber can still harm you, where as a dead robber just lies there.

    • Victor says:

      I agree with you 100% In my training in the military and as a correctional officer we are not trained to wound, but shoot center mass which is your torso as to eliminate the threat! Double Tapp is the way we do it!!!! If I’m in that situation, when the smoke and cordite clears the air. I will be the only survivor, and the only one in the court of law able to tell his side of the story. You got me?! Like they say, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6!”….

  • Lyman L. Krimmel says:

    Good gun control!

  • Lazy Dave says:

    And this is where the newsfeeds do a disservice, it looks like South American motorcycle cop on the left….the true story would have got as much thumbs up from me without the false story. I’m sure even here in Australia it would be a headline if it was In Texas

  • George says:

    You did forget one expense we will still have to pay, to bury them. Oh hell, we may find a few volunteers for that.

  • Aaron says:

    Of course, had it been a person without a special badge who’d done this, they’d be in jail right now on murder charges and protesters would be calling them racist and demanding their heads.

    • gena says:

      Not here in Texas. People are allowed to defend themselves and their property in Texas.

    • Thad says:

      Texas is not a state of whooses– A private citizen with a openly visible gun or a concealed carried license could have done the same thing–

  • Mike says:

    That is an outstanding officer and citizen! Truly a thing of beauty righteousness in action!

  • xbradtc says:

    It’s a shooting in Brazil, and at least 11 years ago.

  • Joe says:


  • Jim Bull says:

    Glad they were not black or Obama and Sharpton would be raising hell about civil rights and killing innocent blacks.

  • Whatever says:

    These pics are from Brazil years ago…….

  • John Jones says:

    I’m a native of El Paso, born and raised. I haven’t heard anything about this and, with El Paso being the safest large city in the USA with only a dozen murders last year, this would have been big news. Looking at the pic, the man in uniform wearing the motorcycle helmet appears to be a Mexican federal police officer. This is probably a pic of something that went down in Juarez, Mexico.

  • douglas oscar garner says:

    Thank God they weren’t black Mexicans

  • HERO says:


  • Arlene says:


  • aj says:

    That’s the truth, Aaron. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad these scumbags are lying dead rather than running around stealing from little old ladies or hurting innocent people, but it is fucked up that a badge earns you special privilege, even to commit murder. Without a badge, yes, the victim would be in prison, facing perhaps a life sentence… Cops are out of control and it should not come as a surprise when people fight back with equal force. I’m glad that Indiana recently amended their law that allows one to use deadly force to protect their fourth amendment rights to include “peace officers”. A civilian no longer has to fear the tyranny of law enforcement if they live in Indiana… I’m putting that state on my list of places worth the energy of visiting.

  • Bryan says:

    I love this. But… .40 ammo is WAY more expensive than .25 cents a round…..

  • Barry Pelosi says:

    This is a fake story, but hey, it is obvious you clueless hate filled ignoramuses don’t care. You are used to fake news from Breitbart, Fox, or all of the other fake news outlets that disinform you. Who cares about facts, or reality, all you are interested in is base racism, xenophobic nativism, and another opportunity to salivate over the prospects of someone being killed that you hate. You have been programmed to a subhuman level, to the point where you would kill for an ideology that has no basis in anything just or Godly. You have become antiChristians who spit in the face of Jesus with your vile and corrupted hate filled mentalities. Your devious and insidious morally bankrupt comments speak for themselves. – And all of this over a story that is completely fraudulent. Shame is yours now and for eternity. You will all burn in the fires of hell forever!

    • A.J. says:

      Thank you. Someone who sees truth. Assuming if this did actually happen in the U.S., there is no mention of these men being armed, nor do they looked armed. A police officer just gunned down three unarmed men. That officer would had have been removed and tried. And it is disgusting that anyone would think this justified. What is wrong with people?

  • [...] duty cop kills three illegals trying to rob him Posted on 26 July, 2013 by Amy via theconservativenewsfeed Three armed felons crossed the US border and attempted to rob an off-duty El Paso police officer [...]

  • Joe Necjbone says:

    That’s not in America, you can tell. You people are so dumb!

  • MasON says:

    The Photo may very well be a STOCKED photo used for the story. The story is real but they used a photo for effect. If you think they could get away with faking a story like this you would have to believe everyone is as gullible as you are.

  • David says:

    Now we’ll get holder going after him for violating their civil rights or some crap like that

  • Courtney says:

    Well said Myk & Jim Bull!

  • Vitor McAntara Medeiros says:

    I guess it is totally justified, then… If they were illegals trying to rob him, right?! On these cases any off duty (drugged as hell) officer could comprise the faculties of an on duty officer, whitness, jury, judge, and butcher… Fair enough!

    Quoting McConaughey’s character in “A Time To Kill”: “I want you to picture those people” … Now imagine they’re white taxpayers”

    • Vitor McAntara Medeiros says:

      forgot to mention “attorney, and public defender” to the faculties this “off duty” officer impersonated in his minor dissociative identity disorder outbreak!

  • Sharon Ingram says:

    This was in São Paulo, Brazil, 2009.

  • [...] googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1373474439452-2'); }); Here is a link for this story: Off duty cop kills three illegals trying to rob him | Here is another link: http://www.theconservativenewsfeed.c…ng-to-rob-him/ [...]

  • strick9 says:

    If you look at the people in the background i.e how they are dressed, you will come to the conclusion that this didn’t take place in the US. I love a good conspiracy but lets not believe everything we read. Do some research and find proof. We have too much really going on that we need to pay close attention to to let this distract us.

  • current resident says:

    This is NOT a fake story; more pics here;

  • wildman says:

    only downside to this story is that it wasn’t a thousand scumbag illegals

  • Ruth Crook says:

    I want to know who was prescient enough to hire the photographer before this happened.

  • Oldnweiser says:

    Fake. Happened years ago in Brazil. Two dead one in prison.

  • Oldnweiser says:

    Fake. Happened years ago in Brazil. Two dead, one in prison.

  • Michal says:

    another TRUE story!!!!!
    better spread this story or rest of the world will fear Americans and their “love” for guns again. I am a HUGE supporter of the 2nd Amendment! America. Fuck yeah!

  • Bob Fairlane says:

    Where do you get .40 for .25/rd?

  • Skydiver says:

    Geez people. THIS WAS IN BRASIL IN 2008, NOT THE U.S.A.!!

    Notice the Gravia factory in one of the pics? They are a sheet metal factory in Sao Paulo.

  • Randy says:

    If this had happened in the US, the Justice Department would have said the illegals were standing their ground. At a later date, he would do away with “stand your ground”.

  • johnnyvegas says:

    dose it really matter what damn country this is in?? Fact, three LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS are dead and the world is a better place. People, wake the hell up.

  • Lethe says:

    Sheesh, aren’t you conservative types the ones always ranting on about ‘sheeple’ who mindlessly believe everything they read in the media? Walk your talk and check your sources. This is fake.

  • 2nd Amendment supporter says:

    Goodbye assholes! I have no doubt that not only did this off duty police officer save the taxpayers tons of money, he probably saved someone life with this action. At the very least, they won’t be making more people’s lives miserable…

  • ben says:

    its from Brazil and a very old story at that

  • Amy W says:

    This happened in Brazil – see Now can you all please go do something useful?

  • Phelipe says:

    For fuck’s sake this is in my country, Brazil, I’ve seen it back then, I recognize all the vehicles (even the number plates) and the dressing of the people including the badges.

    This police man is a Policia Civil, something like FBI but less powerful.

  • I See Sheeple says:

    The utter douche-baggery of this site and the sad angry sheeple that believe in it is purty durn funny! Baaaaa! Baaaa! Hahahaha!

  • not sure says:

    The only thing that is more damaging to pro gun cause other than careless handling of firearms is spreading false news stories like these. That’s just what I need as an advocate of gun rights; to be lumped in with a bunch of liars. Check your sources, people. And shut down those that put out false crap like this.

  • JUST US says:

    Poor Cop. He will be sued by Holder and DOJ for violating the poor illegals rights by feeding them lead.

  • Tracy says:

    So robbery constitutes death??? Wow… who knew that it was great when criminals die over non-violent crimes. Didn’t know that be something we Americans would be proud of, b/c I’m personally not.

  • Justin says:

    Just look at the other vehicles…people in the united states don’t drive cars like that.

  • Cory W says:

    This is Texas . NOT BRAZIL!

  • corey says:

    This story ahs been recycling since 2008 at least. It may be true but the picture is not from el paso.

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